US Department of Veterans Affairs

Period of Performance: May 5, 2015 – 30 Sep 2015

Project Description:  Security System Upgrade.

Tasks Performed:  Arpeggio replaced the existing Vicon video recorders with an OnGuard 2TB network video recorder that comes with video server software and 8 IP Camera licenses, and loaded an additional 43 IP camera licenses to support a total of 50 cameras Storage and frame rate for 2TB NVR: NTSC, JPEG, 640×480 resolution, compression 30, 2 FPS continuous 34 average days storage.

Project Managment & Administrative Support

Period of Performance: May 5, 2015 – 30 Sep 2015

Project Description:  Spectrum Partners was hired to augment and manage a T4 On-Ramp proposal effort by providing analysis of the request for proposal requirements, establishment of templates to collect the information, collate, proof, assemble document drafts, lead the weekly/daily progress reviews.

Tasks Performed:  Business development, capture management, and proposal writing support.  Arpeggio provided program proposal management support to Spectrum Partners, LLC, and T4’s proposal preparation efforts.  Provided contract preparation, pricing negotiation, and scheduling support. Created a modified Shipley’s Bid Reviews Schedule and several of the proposal templates. Provided market research, intelligence, and guidance to the proposal team. Provided subject matter expertise, and recommendations on expert candidates to support the effort.

Organizational Development

Period of Performance: May- Sep 2013

Project Description:  To work with existing clients to expand current the business and research new opportunities for the company in the Federal sector. Expand the company’s visibility in the Federal market.

Tasks Performed:  Provided strategic assessment and recommendations to the CEO.  Made a SWOT assessment of the company to determine strategic direction, evaluated possible courses of action and provided recommendations to the CEO. Provided market research, intelligence, and guidance to the senior management team. Researched new opportunities, both as part of the current business and new leads with the aim of creating a variety of revenue sources. Scheduled appointments, and reviewed and assisted in the delivery of capabilities presentations to government organizations.

Web Design

Period of Performance: Feb 19, 2014 – Feb 23, 2014

Project Description:  Web Design and Maintenance

Tasks Performed:   Arpeggio provided website design support to Spectrum Partners, LLC. Arpeggio transferred Spectrum’s website content from WordPress into Joomla 3.2.2. The work included: picking a CMS and template, creating articles, modules, and activating plugins, graphic design, transferring content, working with CEO on recommendations and getting approvals for improvements, design migration approach, website hosting changes, testing, publishing. The work includes provisions for monthly maintenance.

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